Emerge | Steak ‘n Shake
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Steak ‘n Shake


Develop a new design layout based on tracking that put “Value Meals” promotions and shakes in center of drive-thru which represented 80% of sales.


Current menuboard could not accommodate the new layout.

About This Project

Working with Coke eye tracking studies determined the hot spot where “customer’s eyes” would be drawn first and represented the common items ordered which increased speed of service. Engineered a cost effective “new face” to the drive-thru that accommodated the new layout and look. New face broke menuboard graphics in sections making it less costly for changeout. Rolled out and installed to 500 locations in four months. Developed the face to use existing brackets of old drive-thru for an install of under thirty minutes. The work was completed with no permits required, no electrical hook ups or digging.