Emerge | Digital
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If you considering digital, you owe it to yourself to test this system. The open architecture can work with any existing software, can do all functions in a digital menuboard system: scheduling; Waitlist app to let your customers know when their order is complete, Google analytics for data on your customers and what apps work best, a SDK, (Software Development Kit) so you can easily create and add apps to add your system, templates for product offerings especially for restaurants and convenience store, live streaming of videos, etc. It is robust system than can handle one or a thousand of screens worldwide. It can run video walls, digital menuboards, roadside billboards or large stadium arena screens all from the same platform. The key is the real time social media capabilities that can transform your business and connect to millennials.


Our software was voted Most Innovative Social Media Software by Frost and Sullivan in 2015Most Innovative at the 2015 International CES show for ease of use. Creators were voted “30 Under 30” by Inc. Magazine in 2015 and “30 under 30” by Forbes magazine in 2016.